Willits Community Television Inc.
        Channels 3, 64 & 65 in Willits California.

        Free Speech Through Community Media.
The Mission of WCTV includes
  • Promoting Free Speech
  • Fostering Diverse Viewpoints
  • Encouraging Artistic Expression
  • Building Community Spirit
By providing training and access to the tools of electronic media for our local residents and community organizations.
Our Community Bulletin Board on cable channel 65 can publicize your organization's local events and services
See our program guide below for programs for the upcomming week on Channel 3 & 64

Our Channel Program Guide. 

Download .pdf files.

     Below is our playlist for the Willits Community Televsion Inc produced show
    "This Week in Willits"
    which includes contributions from many of our local Volunteer Producers in Willits.  More info below.

    we are currently switching all our online videos to a new host, in the meantime here is a link until we get it all linked into the website. This link included 2012 candidates forum .


    Click link below.
      It will take you to our categorized video play lists and archived videos page.

    Playlists page. 

    There have been some issues with watching our video player in the Safari Mac Browser, we know for sure though that the firefox browser does not have the same issue.

    This Week In Willits Show Information.

    This Week in Willits is produced in part by local videography volunteers in Willits California; we are accepting video segments from local producers that fit into any segment of the show. Anyone wishing to submit a piece should browse our show structure below to find out where their video segments might fit. Then send us a dvd with the edited segment along with a "Producer Agreement" and a "Program Agreement" which can be downloaded from the column on the left.

    This Week in Willits Show Structure.


    As well as segments for the show we are always on the lookout and accepting full shows on any subject from Local Mendocino County residents. As a video producer all you have to do is send us your edited show along
    with "Producer Agreement" and "Program Agreement" forms.

     Send any shows or segments for "This Week in Willits" to our address below.